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AC Power Line Surge Protector

We are a leading Manufacturer of surge protection device, comprehensive solution for lightning & surge protection system, ullisted/ certified lightning, surge protection & earthing system and ac power line surge protector from Kolkata, India.

Comprehensive Solution For Lightning & Surge Protection System


Comprehensive Solution For Lightning & Surge Protection System
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With rising global warming, thunderstorms become more explosive,” said Romps, an assistant professor of earth and planetary science and a faculty scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. “This has to do with water vapor, which is the fuel for explosive deep convection in the atmosphere. Warming causes there to be more water vapor in the atmosphere, and if you have more fuel lying around, when you get ignition, it can go big time.”

More lightning strikes mean more human injuries; estimates of people struck each year range from the hundreds to nearly a thousand, with scores of deaths.

Each and every circuit functions using a particular specified voltage, any voltage, which exceeds a certain fixed tolerance range, is a Surge Voltage.

The coupling of surge voltages from one system to another can be Inductive, Capacitive or Galvanic coupling. In this way, surge voltage reaches the input power units and the sensitive interfaces of systems and terminals. Out of these coupling, Inductive coupling is the most common and destructive in nature. With time Electronic equipment are going increasingly sensitive. With miniaturisation of circuits and components, modern equipment is more likely to be damaged by voltage surges than in the past, mainly because of the very low input voltage and networks interconnected equipment. Higher frequency networks are more sensitive than low frequency ones.

Electrical grids and telecommunications networks are ever more interconnected and complex. In highly populated cities, the effects caused by the electrical discharges from lightning are devastating, as they can propagate for several miles. Surge protection therefore represents a fundamentally important factor.

We design & provide structured preventative protection solutions against Lightning, and switching Surge and essential Earthing for Electronics, Electrical, IT & Communication products protection. To keep your equipment’s life longer, control unexpected damage and protect your investment, ask our experts.for several miles. Surge protection therefore represents a fundamentally important factor.

We design & provide structured preventative protection solutions against Lightning, and switching Surge and essential Earthing for Electronics, Electrical, IT & Communication products protection. To keep your equipment’s life longer, control unexpected damage and protect your investment, ask our experts.


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Ullisted/ Certified Lightning, Surge Protection & Earthing System


Ullisted/ Certified Lightning, Surge Protection & Earthing System
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With more and more technology driven life, Today’s automated homes are especially susceptible to lightning damage.

Metal building components, irrigation and security systems, sensitive electronic equipments computers automation and appliances are essential components of the modern home. Another route for lightning to reach home is through the ground to reach cables and pipes. Even lightning may strike nearby objects (trees, flagpoles, signs)
that are close to, but not directly connected to the house. In this situation, the lightning strike radiates a strong electromagnetic field, which can be picked up by wiring in the house, producing large voltages that can damage
equipment. These increase a homeowner’s potential for lightning

damage. A modern lightning protection system takes all of these systems and features into account, offering a customized approach to protect all these from lightning damage.

How it works.

A lightning protection system neither attracts, repels or prevents a lightning strike. The lightning protection system simply provides a safe path for the lightning current to follow – allowing the harmful current to be guided safely into the ground and away from your home. Based on design there may be several down conductor terminating at grounding electrode. The lightning protection system grounding system shall be bonded and connected to the grounding electrode system for the electrical service based on requirement.

  • Components of a lightning protection system:
  • Rods or 'Air Terminals'

  • Bases

  • Conductor Cables

  • Ground Rods

  • Counters

  • Fittings and Connectors

  • and Fasteners

  • Thru-Structure Assemblies

  • Sealants

  • UL AC power line surge protector

  • UL DC surge protector

  • UL data line surge protector

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AC Power Line Surge Protector


AC Power Line Surge Protector
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External sources of transient over voltages can be;

  1. Lightning

  2. Switching of capacitor banks,

  3. Power line disconnection and reconnection

  4. Transformer switching On/Off

  5. Electrostatic discharge

  6. Power utility load switching

  7. Poor quality of distributed power

Internal sources of transient over voltages can be,

  1. Electric motors

  2. Circuit breakers or fuses

  3. Air conditioners

  4. Genrator


MCG, USA Surge Protection


Devices Advantage as follows:

  • Unmatched 20 years warranty.

  • UL certified 1449 3rd edition

  • Standards: IEC 61643:1998, NEMA LS1.

  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 20, 70, 75 and 78)

  • CAN/C22.2 No. 8-M1986; CSA Electrical Certification Notice No. 516

  • Federal Information Processing Standards Publication 94 (FIPS PUB 94)

  • Combined (Class B and C) protection.

  • Redundancy for continuous uninterrupted protection.

  • Micro-Z connection cable

  • NEMA 4X enclosure,

New Branch Panel AC Power Line Protection
with Enhanced Power/Energy Metering. The LS Executive Series provides rugged surge protection at the main service panel along with new onboard, revenue-grade power and energy meter. Each phase is guarded by multiple redundant protection paths – reassuring when sensitive equipment’s continuous operation is at stake. The LS with meter product will not only protect them from surges, but it will help them

troubleshoot other power quality problems, like brownouts, swells, blackouts, under voltages, over voltages, and other issues like low power factor.  For example, under voltages also cause certain types of equipment to burn out.  The readings the meter provides the user, alerts them to this problem. So once they have addressed surges, the Executive LS series can help them uncover other electrical anomalies.  It is a great troubleshooting tool.Twenty-year, no-nonsense warranty (five-year warranty on power meter); free protection modules for life. Series features mix-and-match options for a customized protector at stock prices. 

Popular Applications Include:

  • Monitor power and energy use of an entire facility or of a single piece of equipment.

  • Monitoring system voltage and current (up to 32,000A) as well as other parameters. 

  • Ensuring accuracy in utility billing and crediting by allowing users to compare kilowatt-hours.

  • Alerting users if a

  • predetermined energy use or electrical parameter is outside of the user’s acceptable region.

  • Energy monitoring in building automation systems.

  • Energy Management – track where and when energy is used in an industrial plant or building.

  • Cost allocation (how much does a particular process or equipment cost to run?)

  • Industrial Monitoring – track usage of assembly lines or equipment/processes.

  • Commercial submetering.

  • Renewable energy – monitors power exported to grid from the renewable energy source and power imported from grid.

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Surge Protection Device

Being the most respected organization guided by experienced and knowledgeable professionals, we provide an enormous assortment of Surge Protection Device. These protectors are made up of ultra-modern technology and high grade components under the guidance of our skilled professionals. Our protectors are highly admired by the clients for their durability and fine finish. We provide these protectors at competitive rates to our valuable clients.



  • Ruggedness
  • Smooth finish
  • Reliable performance

The three main types of damage are:

  • Destructive- Sudden incidents where equipment is destroyed. External surges are the primary cause.
  • Dissipative- Long-term damage to systems and electronics created by poor power quality. Internally generated surges are the main cause.
  • Disruptive- Interruptions to industrial process, including downtime and/or loss of data. It is often difficult to identify the cause of disruptive damage.


Transient over voltages are generated:


  • Whenever a lightning strikes directly or in the near vicinity
  • As a consequence of different faults in the power system
  • Switching on and off of different loads, etc

The transient voltage surges are broadly classified into two types i.e.:


  • Lightning Surges (Handled by Class B or Type I SPDs)
  • Switching surges (Handled by Class C or Type II SPDs)

The salient features of the MSPD system are:

  • Combined (Class B & C) protection – This enables protection against both lightning and switching surges originating from outside our power system to be isolated at the main incomer level itself.

  • Status indicator flag (local indication) – Since any SPD for the power supply line is always connected in parallel to the circuit, the status indication is very essential.

  • Potential free contacts for Remote indication – In addition to a local indicator flag, the MSPD also offers potential free contacts using which any form of audio visual alarm/ automation can be configured.



ModelRated VoltageClamp VoltageTypical Suppression

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